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Bazaar (Mona) papers, undated.

Mona Bazaar (May 22, 1904 – March 7, 1992) was the author of several self-published books: Exotic Recipes for a World Without War (1963); Free Huey: Or the Sky’s the Limit (1968); The Trial of Huey Newton; Selected Articles and Statements (1968); Black Fury: Police Brutality, White Racism (1968); The End of Silence (editor) (1970); and Cookbook in Solidarity with the Symbionese Liberation Army (date unknown).

Consists of a single, undated publication, edited and published by Bazaar, entitled, “Who has the Right to Choose?” It consists of photocopied texts, photographs, and editorial cartoons about women’s access to legal and safe abortions.


Bazaar, Mona, 1904-1992


1 folder

Collection #

BANC MSS 2010/545

Publication Date

May 22, 1904

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