Digital Projects

Digital technologies grant unprecedented access to our collective cultural heritage. They allow scholars and visitors alike to interact with primary sources, share information, and generate collective discussions about the meaning of culture.

The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life uses a digital platform that integrates website, database and social media approaches to provide collaborative access to its collections, programs, and to make the work that happens behind the public face of the institution open and transparent.

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Jewish Digital Narratives

Using current technologies to organize, showcase and share the holdings of The Magnes through Jewish digital narratives.

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From the Dusty Archives

Digitized items from The Magnes’s Western Jewish Americana and Global Jewish Diaspora archival holdings.

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Jews in the Golden State

An online digital portal providing an unprecedented view on the history of the Jews in California since the Gold Rush.

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Social Media Projects

Direct access to a variety of social media used to enhance access to collaborative projects.

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Magnes 360

View The Magnes Galleries and Collection Storage in stunning 360-degree video footage.

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Memory Lab

An interactive digital laboratory in which users created a digital story based on their life experiences.

Photograph [2016.6.13]: [Sisters Marion, Renate, and Karen Gumprecht, refugees assisted by the National Refugee Service (NRS) and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), shortly after their arrival in the United States, Central Park, New York] 1941, Vishniac
Media Resources

Audio, video, and image resources documenting the holdings and public programs of The Magnes.

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