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Fishman (Norman) papers, 1946-1975.

Fishman was born in 1924, in Petaluma, Calif., to Russia immigrants. He graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley, and, during World War Two, he served in the U.S. Navy. He worked for SRI International as a chemical engineer and consultant for thirty-four years. He also served three terms as president of the South Peninsula Jewish Community Center, founded the Palo Alto School for Jewish Education, and was a treasurer of the Sino-Judaic Institute.

Contains a “Tercentenary Souvenir Program Commemorating 300 Years Jewish Settlement in America” (1954) from the Jewish Community Center of Petaluma; a 25th Anniversary Program for the Jewish Community Center of Petaluma (1950); a program for the Annual Dinner of the Pioneer Women of the Bracha Club of San Francisco that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Pioneer Women organization (December 13, 1964); and a 50th Anniversary Souvenir Journal for the Jewish Community Center of Petaluma (November 7-9, 1975).


Fishman, Norman, 1924-1996


1 folder.

Collection #

BANC MSS 2010/539

Publication Date

March 21, 1946

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