Global Jewish Diaspora

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Over the decades, the Magnes acquired a host of small archival collections documenting the activities of individuals, families and organizations in the Global Jewish Diaspora, with a focus on Europe and the United States.

Among the highlights of these collections are the Simon Belkin papers and photographs on the assistance provided to Jewish refugees in Eastern Europe after the First World War, the records of the Jewish community of Liptovsky Mikulas during the 18th and 19th centuries, the papers of attorney A.B. Salem on the immigration of the Jewish Community of Kerala, India to Israel during the 20th century, correspondence of the renown 19th-century Italian scholar of Hebrew literature, Samuel David Luzatto and his son and editor, Isaia Luzzatto, Rabbi Baruch Braunstein’s collection on the Inquisition in Majorca, and several collections of primary sources documenting the Holocaust, including Prof. Koppel Pinson’s scrapbooks from the Offenbach Archival Depot.