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Gray (Harry) collection on the San Francisco Jewish Community Center’s production of The Golem, 1936

Long a central character in Jewish folklore, The Golem is a creature created by magic to serve the creator’s needs and desires. The Golem figure has been popular in Jewish arts and letters for the past few centuries.

The collection contains materials relating to a dramatic presentation of the folktale of the Golem (retold by H. Leivik) by the Center Players of San Francisco’s Jewish Community Center (with Harry Gray portraying the Golem). Materials include a program with an explanation by Rabbi Jacob J. Weinstein and director Ralph Freud of the production’s attempt to present the emotional spirit of the Hasidic movement, together with photographs of the production taken by Walter S. Hertzmann.

Collection Information


Gray, Harry


1 folder

Collection #

BANC MSS 2010/507

Publication Date

April 2, 1936

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