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Linker (Henry) collection on the Synagogue Council of the East Bay, 1956-1976

Henry Linker, a member of Richmond’s Congregation Beth Hillel, was a delegate to the Synagogue Council of the East Bay for approximately ten years, and for many of those years he served as that organization’s secretary.

Contains a photocopy of the organization’s constitution (14 June 1956); copies of its minutes (Feb. 1968-Oct. 1976); Council-related correspondence Henry Linker sent out and/or received (Mar. 1970-Nov. 1972); undated lists of the Council’s members; a copy of the Fall 1973 issue of Kolenu, a publication of the Synagogue Council of the East Bay; and materials about various events taking place in the local Jewish community that the Council collected.


Linker, Henry


1 folder

Collection #

BANC MSS 2010/540

Publication Date

September 7, 1956

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