Berkeley Center for Jewish Studies

The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life has partnered with the Center for Jewish Studies at UC Berkeley to provide extensive research opportunities to students and faculty. Our ongoing partnership includes collaboration on research, co-sponsoring programs and events, as well as providing support to students in terms of an annual fellowship and other opportunities.

Berkeley’s Center for Jewish Studies is notable for both its chronological and disciplinary scope. Jewish Studies faculty cover fields from Hebrew Bible and Talmud and Midrash through medieval Jewish history to modern Jewish history, modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature and modern Jewish thought.

As a matter of course, Berkeley faculty has represented Jewish Studies not as a parochial undertaking but as a set of intellectual interests constantly in a mutually productive dialogue with other disciplines in the humanities. Graduate training in various fields of Jewish Studies is conducted in the Departments of History, Comparative Literature, Near Eastern Studies, and in the Joint Doctoral Program with the Graduate Theological Union.

Students emerging from this program occupy positions nationwide in institutions such as Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Rutgers, UCLA, Columbia, the University of Maryland, and the University of Florida as well as at the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, and Ben Gurion University.


Berkeley Center for Jewish Studies