Center for Jewish Art – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

September 29, 2015

For nearly thirty years the Center for Jewish Art, a research institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has carried out a comprehensive documentation program of the visual cultural heritage of the Jewish people. Through detailed descriptions and photography by our researchers the vanishing objects are preserved for future generations.

Prof. Bezalel Narkiss, Israel Prize laureate, established the Jerusalem Index of Jewish Art, in which there are at present about 200,000 documents of objects originating from all over the globe, which range from a coin to a complex of synagogues. Documentation is carried out in five sections of the Index: Ancient and Modern Arts, Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts, Synagogues and Ritual Objects, as well as Jewish Ritual Architecture. The objects are also classified according to iconographical subjects, with references to textual sources for cross-reference, biographies and bibliography.

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